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Insurance and registrtion title paperwork

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Insurance and registrtion title paperwork

theroad theroad
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/13
Posted: 07/15/13
02:52 PM

How about a few articles about getting insurance that allows me to drive my car whenever I want; 3,000 to 5,000 miles a year. All the collector car policies I've found require a locked garage and restrict the use to parades and car shows. I would just like to be able to get most of what I've got in it if the worst happens. The basic liability and medical coverage with no comprehensive protects me but doesn't recover any of the value of the car. I want to do a third rebuild on my driver but it's hard to justify the risk.

All the car magazines go gaga over the barn find or the garage, field find but never talk about getting paperwork that allows registration and title. Most of these jewels have no paper or it's incomplete. How about some guide lines on how to do this.  

AKGrouch AKGrouch
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/13
Posted: 07/25/13
09:16 PM

Go to Grundy Insurance.  No hassle.  Agreed upon value at the start, not current assessment value by an adjuster after the accident, zero deductible comprehensive and collision, liability, car show medical, etc.  I play with my t bucket regularly and the insurance is under $300 for the year.  Call them.  They are listed in any issue of Hemmings.  

jalopy45 jalopy45
New User | Posts: 34 | Joined: 07/07
Posted: 09/22/13
08:47 PM

A few years back there was an article in Street Rodder Magazine that I believed spanned a couple of issues on getting your car registered and titled. If I sorta remember Brian Brennan was doing this to a roadster and it covered several states.